The WRX Experience

Gold Coast Zorbing

Zorb Gold Coast

Zorbing Gold Coast

Zorbing is guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever experienced before. A giant, 3 metre PVC ball, round and very bouncy. You jump inside it, it rolls and so do you! Itís a hair raising adventure with or without water... for adults and children over 6.

Harness Zorbing

Looking for a charge? Interested in twisting, turning and rolling down a hill? Look no further, because this OzBall experience is for the adventurous and spirited thrill seeker in all of us. This ride is not as gentle as the hydro ride. The harness ride is faster, more thrilling, and a fun compliment to the gentle swishing of the hydro ride. During this ride, you are harnessed in the ball, literally to the side of the ball. You are safe, secure and protected, but be prepared for a fast run down the hill. This ride gets bumpy, twisty and the result is the best and most rewarding dizzy you've ever felt.

Hydro Zorbing

If you're looking for a way to cool off, share in a unique and different experience, get a quick break from the fun of Dream World, or just have a good time, check out one of our hydro rides. These OzBall rides include the huge PVC OzBall, but also a different component Ė water! You're joined in the ball with 40 litres of water and you'll be amazed at what a difference that water makes.

For more information check out the official website.